NEW! ~ 8-2-14 ~ Summer Update! ~ Mary has (FINALLY!) finished her Women's Fiction/General Fiction work in progress after five long years! Called "quirky, charming, heartfelt, and personal", leaving early readers with "good feelings", the book is in process of editing and then some decisions will be made for its release into the world. Stay tuned for developments which will be posted right here!


NEW! ~1/1/13 ~Happy New Year!~ Mary is still at work on the Women's Fiction/Literary Fiction piece...but in the meantime, her rights-reverted titles are coming back in print as well! Stay tuned for links to those soon!


NEW! ~7/5/12 ~Summer Update!~ Now that all of Mary's rights-reverted titles are back on the market in e-book form, she's hard at work on her new novel - a Women's Fiction/Literary Fiction piece that is a little different but still filled with heart, poignancy, and some romance, too. In other news, Mary is working to get some of her re-released ebooks available in print form again as well. Stay tuned for news on that venture. Until next time - Happy Reading!


NEW! ~3/16/12 ~THE MAIDEN WARRIOR is back!~ What if the prophecy of King Arthur's rebirth came true in Wales, 1189...only the child was a girl? THE MAIDEN WARRIOR ...Mary's 2002 rights-reverted title, available now at amazon.com for $4.99!


NEW! ~2/7/12 ~Mary is now on Goodreads and Facebook!~ Mary has heard from her fans, and they've said they want to interact through more outlets of thesocial network...and that means she's launched a few new places for readers to find her, in addition to her Twitter. Now you can find Mary on her author page atGoodreads or on her author page at Facebook! She looks forward to getting to know you a little better on these pages and hopes you'll stop by and "friend" her!


NEW! ~ 1/8/12 ~Another of Mary's Out Of Print Books Is Back!~ Mary heard from readers who were concerned that they couldn'tfind a copy of her final book in her acclaimed Templar Knights trilogy, and so she did her best to remedy that as quickly as she could. The result is a sparkling new edition - and only e-version available legally - on theweb. So come on over to amazon.com to get youre-book copy ofTHE TEMPLAR'S SEDUCTION with a great new cover! It's available at B&N, iTunes, Kobo, and all other online outlets. She will let you know here when they're available...but in the meantime check out this great new cover and write to her to tell her how you like it - and the story, too!


NEW! ~ 12/4/11 ~Mary's Out Of Print Books Are Back!~ After hearing from readers that they were having a difficult time finding some of her books, Mary decided to put her rights-reverted titles back out on the market in e-book form, revised, updated, and improved, along with gorgeous, brand-new covers!

So far these titles include her RITA-Award nominated debut medieval romance, SECRET VOWS, which is available at amazon.com: http://amzn.to/seevkwand B&N.com: http://bit.ly/tch5hAand her RT-Award Winning medieval romance, THE CRIMSON LADY, also now available at amazon.com: http://amzn.to/thPPjmand B&N.com: http://bit.ly/tQH6bZ! Check back next monthto see which of her books will be next up for re-issue,AND have a chance to see another great new cover!


~ 09/18/11 ~Mary Posts A Long Overdue Update ~ It's been far too long, but Mary is making progress at last with her Work In Progress...a book that is very different in style and genre but pure Mary Reed McCall in heart. Think Fried Green Tomatoes meets Prarie Home Companion! She is still hard at work on it, so no news about when it will be available - but in the meantime, if you'd like to keep up with the day-to-day aspects of her writing life, you can find her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/MaryReedMcCallor Facebook: http://on.fb.me/ni7NBO Hope to see you there!